New Web AI Standards + First Shinkai Partnership Announcement

New Web AI Standards + First Shinkai Partnership Announcement
New Web AI Standards + First Shinkai Partnership Announcement

Shinkai Improvement Proposals (SHIPs)

We are excited to announce Shinkai Improvement Proposals (SHIPs), a new standardization process for evolving and enhancing the Shinkai ecosystem. SHIPs aim to gather community input and achieve consensus on new features, improvements, and best practices. This will help ensure Shinkai development progresses in an open, collaborative manner that meets the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Github repository here:

Embedded Vector Resources Webpage Standard (SHIP 001)

The first official SHIP is the Embedded Vector Resources Webpage Standard (SHIP 001). This standard establishes a protocol for inserting pre-generated Vector Resources (VRs) within webpages, enabling applications to instantly detect and utilize them.

With this standard, applications, web crawlers, and browser extensions like Shinkai Visor will be able to automatically detect if a webpage has pre-generated Vector Resources available for immediate use. This enables powerful new UX flows, where even a large set of 10+ documents can load in mere seconds as pre-generated VRKai files, rather than the 5+ minutes it would normally take to generate embeddings from scratch.

SHIP 001 specifies including a <meta> tag in the HTML <head> with the name attribute shinkai-vector-resources. The content attribute of this meta tag contains a JSON array defining one or more Vector Resource elements. The spec defines several types of elements:

  • HTTP Reference: Points to an external URL hosting a .vrkai or .vrpack file
  • Direct VRKai: Includes a base64-encoded VRKai file directly
  • Direct VRPack: Includes a base64-encoded VRPack file directly
  • Network Reference: Specifies a path to an item or folder in the Vector File System of a Shinkai Network node

By providing a standardized way to embed Vector Resources, SHIP 001 unlocks compelling possibilities. For example, Shinkai Visor could provide instant question-answering over a game's wiki/FAQ, without the player even needing to switch browser tabs. More broadly, this SHIP lays a foundation for transforming existing web UX flows into AI-first experiences.

The Embedded VR Webpage Standard is just one early example of how deeper integration between the current Web2 and a new AI-powered web could unlock exciting features and possibilities. We envision many more opportunities to enhance user experiences and enable novel applications as we bridge the gap between traditional web technologies and cutting-edge AI.

Exciting Partnership with Tarochi by Paima Studios


Tarochi in action.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Paima Studios, creators of the innovative autonomous world RPG game, Tarochi. As part of this collaboration, Tarochi will be integrating SHIP-001, bringing AI support to tens of thousands of current Tarochi users.

Tarochi is a groundbreaking onchain RPG where every quest, challenge, and captured monster becomes part of the blockchain history. Players journey through an immersive land, interact with NPCs, unlock achievements, and unravel quests. Captured monsters are unique Stateful NFTs that evolve with each in-game action.

By integrating SHIP-001, Tarochi players will gain access to powerful AI-driven features, enhancing their gaming experience and making it easier to navigate the rich, complex world of Tarochi.

Shinkai allows you to ask any question about the game, and the AI is fully up-to-date with the game's knowledge.

Beyond this initial integration, we are working with Paima Studios to explore deeper AI integrations in gaming. Our goal is not only to leverage AI as a supporting technology for information but also to make it an integral part of the gaming experience itself. We believe this partnership will showcase the incredible potential of AI in the gaming industry and pave the way for more innovative, immersive gaming experiences.

Nico, cofounder and core developer for Shinkai:

"We have a very close relationship with the Paima team, and we are thrilled to officially partner up to bring cutting-edge AI features to Tarochi and any future projects Paima may undertake -- starting with SHIP-001. This collaboration marks an important milestone in our mission to revolutionize diverse industries through AI integration, and we look forward to the exciting possibilities ahead in onchain gaming."
Seba, cofounder and core developer for Tarochi and Paima Engine:

"Tarochi has become one of the most active games on Ethereum through strong partnerships with Xai and Arbitrum. We are eager to experiment with what we can achieve with AI together with Shinkai. Our goal is to fully embrace AI within onchain gaming, unlocking new ways to interact with onchain autonomous worlds. This partnership represents a significant step forward in realizing that vision."

We believe the Embedded Vector Resources Webpage Standard will accelerate the adoption and impact of Shinkai and AI technologies across the web. You can read the full spec here:

We believe the Embedded VR Webpage Standard will accelerate the adoption and impact of Shinkai and AI technologies across the web. You can read the full spec here:

We look forward to the community's feedback and involvement as we continue to grow the Shinkai ecosystem through the SHIPs standardization process. Together, we can build a thriving, open, AI-enhanced web.

Nico Arqueros

Nico Arqueros

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