About Shinkai Network

About Shinkai Network

Shinkai is an open, privacy-focused AI Agent OS that unlocks LLMs' potential outside of a mere Chat UI, ranging from crypto wallets/DeFi to navigating the web for you. An MVP will be launching later this year.

Shinkai Network Video Overview

More and more people are asking what Shinkai is building towards. We're not merely building an AI Agent OS; we're creating an open-source ecosystem that'll challenge the OpenAIs/Googles/Facebooks of the world in LLM capabilities while empowering everyday people over their AI.

Megacorps like Google/Apple lock users into their ecosystems today, and soon, with LLM integrations, this will become 1000x worse. The Shinkai Vision is to build an open-source alternative that leverages the networking effects of crypto to become a self-sustaining, robust competitor.

Unless an open-source AI Agent OS is built from the ground up, we will inevitably end up in a scenario where large corporations control our everyday lives with their all-in-one AI solutions. Shinkai's goal is to build our way out of this dystopian future.

By creating an ecosystem that monetarily incentivizes open-source developers to out-build centralized megacorps, we are pulling out all the stops in architecture design to ensure that Shinkai not only succeeds in the next couple of years but through the next decade and beyond!

With deep AI Agent <-> crypto integration, Shinkai will natively be one step ahead of Megacorp alternatives from the get-go. AI will never seamlessly integrate into the legacy financial stack, and thus our agents must be designed to plug into blockchains from the very beginning.

Shinkai is the only project to take on this ambitious goal of beating the upcoming Megacorp AI dystopia through an incentivized open-source AI Agent OS/ecosystem that natively hooks into crypto. This will empower everyday people to have a real voice in their digital lives.

Whitepaper (coming soon)

Our whitepaper will cover multiple topics such as: the Shinkai Node, Messages & Inboxes, Layered Permissioned System, a state-of-the-art AI Knoweldgebase/Vector DB, Statically Typed Tools & Toolkits for LLM Agents, Indexers, Shinkai Identities, Global Decentralized User/AI Identity Registry, Routing Nodes, Messaging Light Clients, the Shinkai Token, Inflation-Paid Services (where anyone can become a provider), Shinkai Identity Marketplace, Deep Crypto Integation, and more!

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